Wednesday, September 11, 2019

All About Me Continued

Dear Parents,

This week we are continuing our "All About Me" unit.  The children created their own mini me" people.  First, they chose the template of a body to match their complexion, then they glued on dresses or shorts/shirt, googly eyes, and yarn to match their own hair color. Finally, the children used markers, sequence, and buttons to embellish their clothing. 

 On Wednesday, the children created mirrors by gluing gemstones onto a mirror shaped template.  Please take a look around our classroom to see their fabulous artwork.  

We introduced the letter "L" this week.  The children practiced writing the letter in their workbooks with our special Handwriting Without Tears crayons.  They practiced sounding out the letter and came up with a few "L" words such as:  Lucas, Love, Lizard, Lucky, Lettuce, and Lunch.

The children started music class with Ms. Lisa this week.  The children walked in a circle to the beat of the drum. After, the children sang "Humpty Dumpty" while hitting the drum on the correct beat.  They also danced around the room while shaking egg shakers. 

On Thursday, the children created an "All About Me" music book called "This Song is About Me, Because I Like Me."  The children each created a picture of what they liked about themselves.  We then bound them all together to create a fabulous book.

Notes from Mrs. Peishuan Mei
Mandarin Greetings in Mandarin
Hello  你好 nǐ hǎo
Byebye 再見 zài jiàn

My name is Pei-Shuan (Mrs. Mei)
我叫佩璇 wǒ jiào Pei-Shuan (Mrs. Mei)

What’s your name?
你叫什麼名字? nǐ jiào shén me míng zi

My name is _________
我叫 wǒ jiào ____________

Let’s count to 3
1 yī  2 èr 3 sān

Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival)  on 15th day of 8th lunar month
中秋節 Zhōng qiū jié

Read:Thanking the Moon: Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival- by Grace Lin

Moon 月亮 yuè liang
Round, circle, full moon 圓 yuán
Moon cake 月餅 yuè bǐng
Sweet 甜 tián

月亮圓圓 yuè liang yuán yuán (Full round moon)
月餅甜甜 yuè bǐng tián tián (Sweet moon cake)
咬了一口 yǎo le yī kǒu (take a bite)
缺了半邊 quē le bàn biān  (half way gone)
一轉眼 yī zhuǎn yǎn (in a wink)  
又過了一年 yòu guò le yī nián (another year gone) 

No Moon Festival is complete without mooncakes, traditionally baked or steamed at home but now sold everywhere in a wide range of flavors from savory to sweet. In China, this is a time for joyful family reunions and making offerings to the moon. In Taiwan, some families organize moon-gazing trips or barbecue by moonlight. Children use the rind of the pomelo, a large citrus fruit, to make hats for good luck. 
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!

Since it was a rainy day on Thursday, we had fun  putting on a puppet show "The Three Little Pigs."  Then, we pretended to be monkeys while singing the "Five Little Monkeys" song.  Everyone in the class had the opportunity to be one of the jumping monkeys jumping on the bed.  They all had a wonderful time!

Other fun areas in class:

Notes from Ms. Yuting Lin:

In our piano sessions this week, we explored the high and low sounds of the piano. We learned that the black keys are arranged in alternating groups of two and three. We also numbered each hand’s fingers from 1 to 5, with the thumb as 1 and the pinkie as 5.


Mrs. Boodman and Ms. Drago

All About Me Continued

Dear Parents, This week we are continuing our "All About Me" unit.  The children created their own mini me" p...