Thursday, February 13, 2020


Dear Parents,

We engaged the children in our "Kind Word Sensory Lesson." First we read Should I Share my Ice Cream? by Mo Williams.  After the story, we gave each child a cotton ball and asked them to describe it.  The children remarked that the cotton balls were soft, fluffy, and made them happy.  We discussed how happy we feel when our friends are nice to us, just like how the cotton balls made us feel. 

Next, we hand out pieces of sand paper.  The children felt the paper and said it was rough, it made their arms hurt, and that it left a mark that hurt.  We equated that to how it felt when someone says something mean or takes something from us.

Notes from Ms. Peishuan:
Each child received  a “我愛你” (wǒ ài nǐ ) “I love you" stamp. 


This week we did many activities to prepare for Valentine's Day.  On Monday, we made special valentines for a friend in our class.  The children first cut out a heart shape out of card stock.  Then, the children glued on decorative pieces of paper to make a collage.  They finished their cards by signing their names on the valentine.
We exchanged the valentines on Friday during our Valentine's Day party.

Other fun areas in class:

On Tuesday, the children decorated Valentines' Day cards.  We took an adorable picture of the children pretending to hold balloons.  We printed out a picture of each child and glued it on the front.  To make the balloons, the children used a paper towel roll and molded it to look like hearts.  The children dipped the paper towel roll in red paint and stamped them onto their card.  They decorated the inside of card with stickers and stamps. They look so cute! 

"Mad Science" visited our school on Wednesday.  Our scientist, Miss Chief did a variety of science experiments using water, ice, styrofoam, and dry ice.  She even made "dragon eggs" for the children to touch.  Miss Chief made dry ice at the end of her show for all of us to observe.  

On Thursday we made delicious chocolates! I first melted special chocolate in the microwave.  The children then poured the chocolate into the candy molds.  Once the chocolate cooled, I  instructed the children on how to drizzle chocolate on top of the candy, using a pastry bag.  

The children put the chocolates into the heart shaped boxes that they painted and decorated with stickers. We hope you enjoyed the chocolates!

We finally made it to the end of the week for our Valentine's Day party!  We exchanged our valentines with all of our friends, read a special story, and had lots of delicious goodies for snack.  

We hope you enjoy the the time off with your family.  See you on Monday, February 24th.

Mrs. B and  Ms. Drago

Thursday, February 6, 2020


Dear Parents,

This week we discovered a new artist named Peter Reynolds.  Peter Reynolds is an author and illustrator of children books such as:  The Dot, Ish, The North Star, and the Judy Moody book series.  Reynold's was born in 1961 in Canada. He studied art at the  Massachusetts College of Art and lives locally in Dedham, MA. Reynolds is also is the co-owner of the Blue Bunny Bookstore in Dedham.

We read Reynolds' story, The Dot this week.  It is a book about a young girl named Vashti who discovers her own artistic talent.  She exclaims that she cannot draw, but he teacher responds to her saying, "make a mark and see where it takes you." Vashti draws a dot on her paper and signs her name on it.  Her teacher frames her picture which gives Vashti the idea to make even more elaborate dots.  Vashti realizes that she is indeed an artist and inspires a friend to start drawing.  

The class was inspired from The Dot to make a colorful dot forest.  The children first painted many pieces of paper in a wide range of colors.  When they were dry, we cut strips into squares and then the the children cut the corner off the squares to make circles.  The class then glued circles onto their trees and overlapped different sizes and colors together to make small dot-trees.  They look so incredibly vibrant on our bulletin board.

This week we focused on the letter "K."  We practiced writing the letter in our workbooks and sounding it out.  The class came up with several "K" letters such as:  kangaroo, koala, Kate, key, and kite. 

We celebrated Mira's 4th birthday on Thursday.  Thank you to her family for the delicious cupcakes and favors.  The children also enjoyed listening to Marina (Mira's mom) read a story to the class.


The Half-Notes were busy little artists this week and created a self-portrait using sharpies.  We set up our "Mat Man" for the children to observe and to help them understand how to draw a person.  They look magnificent! 

Notes from Ms. Peishuan:
This week we learned a new word 上 shàng up, top 
Each child had a turn choosing a ball, saying the color, and putting it  on a body part. 
「藍色的       球       在頭上」
   lánsè de     qiú      zài tóushàng
   Blue ball is on top of the head

「紅色的 球 在肩膀上」
   Red ball is on the shoulder 

We also learned Penguin song. 
qǐ é ,qǐ é ,xiǎo qǐ é
(Penguin, penguin, little penguin)

yáo yáo bǎi bǎi,  zhēn táo qì 
(Waddling, very naughty)

qǐ é ,qǐ é ,xiǎo qǐ é

pāi pāi chì bǎng,  zuì shuài qì
(Flapping flippers, very cool)


In Ms. Lisa's class, the children did a variety of activities using the rhythm sticks.

Since the children worked so hard on their art activities this week,

we decided to take a break and bake.  The children had so much fun making heart shaped cookies.

Reminders:  We will be having a Valentine's Day party in our classroom on Friday, February 14th.  Please have your child bring in valentines for all of their classmates.  We have a total of 15 children in our class.  Thanks so much!

Also, we will be closed for winter break from February 17th- 21st.  We will open on Monday, February 24th.  

Have a great weekend!


Ms. Bonne & Ms. Denise


Dear Parents, We engaged the children in our "Kind Word Sensory Lesson." First we read  Should I Share my Ice Cream?  by Mo Willi...