Saturday, March 10, 2018


Dear Parents:


This week we introduced our unit on Pablo Picasso. During our class discussion, we talked about how Picasso made his first guitar.  He created it from cardboard, paper, string, and wire.  Picasso's silent instrument resembled no sculpture ever seen before.  Gaurav from the Whole Note Class played a couple of songs for us on his guitar.

Picasso's creativity inspired us to create our own guitars.  First we painted white paper with various colors of paint.  The fun part came when we used various tools to make many different designs such as zigzags, curvy lines, and spirals. The children traced and cut out a guitar shape from their paintings.  Finally, they added buttons, string, and tissue paper circles.  

The second artist we learned about this week was Wassily Kandinsky.  He was a Russian painter and was one of the first abstract painters.  We learned that Kandinsky expressed himself through color and shapes.  He inspired us to create our own trees with colorful circles.  First, we watercolored a skyline, a horizon, and a grass-line.  The children painted a tree brown and glued it onto the watercolor background. They finished it off by adding colorful circle flowers. The results were spectacular!  

We  made a large rainbow circle using recycled bottle caps, another activity inspired by Kandinsky.

The children also created created wooden sculptures.  They were able to choose any materials they wanted from a box of wood,  cardboard, corks, and googly eyes.  The only instruction the children were given was to create a structure.  The children had so much designing their sculptures. They were all so unique and creative.

Zebin admiring his sculpture
The letter of the week was the letter "R."  The children did a great job writing it, sounding it out, and naming words that began with the letter.  Some of the words they came up with were:  Rabbit, rose, red, run, Rolene, and Ryan.

We had a very busy day on Friday. We  had a special visit from Dr. Van, pediatric dentist.  He taught the children about proper dental hygiene such as brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day.  He also spoke about healthy nutrition such as eating fruits and vegetables and to stay away from sticky foods such as Gummies, raisins, and sugary drinks. 

 The children also created their own self portraits.  

We look forward to a visit from Barbara Marder, artist next week.  She will be teaching the children about Winslow Homer, an American landscape painter.


Ms. Bonne and Ms. Denise.

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Dear Parents,

We had so much fun  celebrating our 100th day of school! On Monday, we started the day off by counting 100 popsicle sticks. Each child made a sticker chart by counting 100 stickers out by10's and then adding them to their chart.  It took a lot of hard work to complete this task.


We used our counting skills all week long.  We built with 100 unifix cubes, 100 magnet tiles, 100 magnet shapes, 100 Legos, and 100 wooden blocks.  We had daily challenges where the children hopped on one foot, made circles with their arms, and finally  swayed their hips from side to side for 100 seconds. 

 We asked the children what would they do if they had $100.  They drew a picture of themselves with a $100 and the toy they chose. Some of the children chose to buy a dog, a cat, a remote control firetruck, Mr. Potato Head, and a pink dress, etc.

We concluded our 100 day celebration by counting 100 fruit loops and making fruit loop necklaces.  For snack we had delicious chocolate muffins and added sprinkles after they counted them.

Ms. Peishuan read a story called the Roly Poly Egg. The story followed the journey of an orange bird named Splat and the animals it encounters along the way. By the end of the story, a cute polka dotted baby splat cracks through its egg. They added the words butterfly, bird, egg, and dumplings to their Mandarin vocabulary. They reviewed the words blue, red, carrot, and rabbit. Ms. Peishuan concluded her lesson by singing a song with the children about making dumplings. 

The new letter of the week was "B." The children practiced saying the sound of the letter, writing, and brainstormed words beginning with the letter.  Some of the words that the children came up with were:  boat, Bonne, baby, ball, balloon, boot, blue, and brown. 

Ms. Bonne & Ms. Denise

Notes: Please send your child each day with a water bottle and proper utensils for their lunch and afternoon snack.


Dear Parents:   This week we introduced our unit on Pablo Picasso. During our class discussion, we talked about how Picasso made his fir...