Thursday, May 16, 2019


Dear Parents,

We continued our Nutrition Unit by reading Protein, by Valerie Bodden.  Our class had a nutritious breakfast this week. We made scrambled eggs, toast, and drank orange juice.  We ate 4 out of the 5 food groups for breakfast that day! Protein and dairy group (milk in the scrambled eggs), Fruit group (orange juice) and grain group (toast).


 For the fruit group, we put strawberries, bananas, vanilla yogurt, orange juice, bananas and strawberries together and pureed it all in the blender.  Mmmm, was it delicious!
We also had a discussion about good dental care after reading Peppa Pig's Trip to the Dentist by, Scholastic Inc, Bear's Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson, Sugarbug Doug by Dr. Ben Magleby, Clarabella's Teeth by An Vrombaut, and Dentists by Quinn M. Arnold.  For snack, the children made their own teeth out of apples and soy butter.  The children spread soy butter (from our protein group) onto apple slices and finally added cubes of apples, (from the fruit group).  They put it all together and voila! a set of teeth!

We learned a new tooth brushing song (Melody of Row, Row, Row, Your Boat):

"Brush, brush your teeth, gently up and down, 
 Visit your dentist twice a year and you won't have a frown."

We also took a picture of each child's teeth and put then up on our class bulletin board.  Can you guess which is your child's teeth?

In music class, the children practiced rest position and holding position of the foam violins.  After, they played the rhythm sticks while singing "Tide-O and Humpty Dumpty." 

On Friday, we concluded our nutrition unit by exercising and learning yoga positions.  The children did a phenomenal job! 
Denise taught the children many yoga positions and Deb taught the children several aerobic moves.  We have a very active group!  


Please pack eating utensils in your child's lunch and or afternoon snack. 

We will be having our parent-teacher conferences coming up this  Wednesday, May 22nd. 
Have a fun weekend,

Love, Ms. Bonne & Ms. Denise

Saturday, May 11, 2019


Dear Parents,

This week we learned about all of the five food groups.  We started our unit with the dairy group. We read the Dairy Group Book by Megan Borgert-Spaniol.  The children created a dairy page for their "Nutrition Booklet" and glued on dairy products such as yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, and sour cream. "Sally" the milking cow was our special visitor for the day.  The children each took turns milking the cow. 

Tuesday was our fruit day.  We learned that the fruit group is high in vitamin C which helps your body heal and keep our teeth and bones healthy and strong.  The children added pictures of fruit on a page of their booklet.  We read "Fruits" by Valerie Bodden.  
On Wednesday we learned about vegetables.  Vegetables have vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, and vitamin A. The class added pictures of vegetable to their booklets, after we read "Vegetables" by Valerie Bodden.  
Thursday, we learned about the fourth food group, grains.  The grain group are the seeds of grasses such as wheat, rice, oats, and barely.  The children glued on pictures of bread, pasta, and cereal on their booklet page. 

We celebrated Nora's 4th birthday on Thursday with delicious treats.

Other areas of interest:

Notes from Ms. Peishuan:
We reviewed some words:
sun 太陽 tài yángStar 星星 xīng xing
Apple 蘋果 píng guǒ
banana 香蕉 xiāng jiāo
reading 看書 kàn shū
sleep 睡覺 shuì jiào

We read a book YES. 
Bobo loves “bath time “ (洗澡 xǐ zǎo)
Bobo doesn’t want to go to bed. “Sleep” (睡覺 shuì jiào)
No, no, no, No! 不要,不要,不要!(bù yào)
At the end Bobo had a great time playing with his friends and then fell asleep.

Reviewed words from Ian’s video -
我喜歡        看書
wǒ xǐ huan kàn shū
我喜歡         畫畫
wǒ xǐ huan huà huà
我喜歡         跳舞
                       tiào wǔ
我喜歡         唱歌
                       chàng gē
我喜歡         游泳
                       yóu yǒng
我喜歡         打球
                       dǎ qiú
我喜歡         爬上爬下
                       pá shàng pá xià

Notes from Ms. Yuting:
The children continue to work on their finger shape- each finger should be rounded like a rainbow arch except the thumbs, which stay straight.  
With Twinkle Variation A ( aka Mississippi Hot Dog), they are learning that the song has four parts- Bread, Cheese (or Jelly) , Cheese (Jelly)and Bread. After learning the notes in each section, they could play the whole song by following the order of the sandwich parts. 
The children are doing great in piano lessons, and parents are welcome to make an appointment with Ms. Yuting ( to see your child’s progress. 

On Friday, we celebrated Mother's Day.  The children did a great job singing.  They were so proud to hand out their special gifts and then shared delicious treats with mothers. 

Please leave your child's water bottles at school during the week and take them home on Friday.  We will be glad to clean them during the week. This will ensure that the child will have a water bottle at school every day.  

Have a very special Mother's day.


Ms. Bonne & Ms. Denise


Dear Parents, We continued our Nutrition Unit by reading Protein, by Valerie Bodden.  Our class had a nutritious breakfast this week. We m...