Friday, May 25, 2018


Dear Parents,

We introduced our “Dental Health” unit by reading Peppa Pig's Trip to the Dentist by, Scholastic Inc. and Sugar Bug Doug, by Ben Magleby.  We then had a discussion about good dental hygiene. We practiced brushing our teeth and flossing, using a dental teeth model. We learned a new toothbrush song - Brush, brush your teeth, gently up and down.  Visit your dentist twice a year and you won't have a frown.

Counting how many teeth we have in our mouth

 We also made our own set of teeth.  The children spread soy butter (from the protein group) onto apple slices, and finally added cubes of apples (from the fruit group).  They put it all together and voila! a set of teeth!


On Thursday we had a discussion about the importance of physical activity.  Some of the activities the children participated in were:
~Hula hooping
~Jumping and counting while holding onto a parachute
~The Hokey Pokey
~Running in place
~Creative movement to "Animal Action" song CD
~Exercising  to the "Exersong" fitness CD


The children had such a fun learning experience playing the Bug Swat Letter Game.  First the teacher called out a letter,  then the children were instructed to find the correct letter card, tap the letter with a fly swatter, and then recite a word beginning with that letter.  

In math this week we practiced a subtraction game using number cards and unifix blocks. We also practiced an addition game called Pop Up and Add. We were amazed at how fast the children caught on.  What a smart class we have! 

Fun in the playground:


Ms. Bonne and Ms. Denise

Friday, May 18, 2018


Dear Parents,

This week we continued working on our nutrition unit.  We learned all about the foods in the fruit group by reading The Fruit Group Book by, Megan Borgert-Spaniol.  We then worked on our fruit group page by choosing five different fruits such as: apples, bananas, pineapples, kiwi, and cantaloupe and then glued them on.  We also made a smoothie by adding yogurt, strawberries, bananas and a little orange juice (from the fruit and dairy group). It not only tasted good, but was healthy as well.

We learned that the fruit and vegetable groups are high in vitamin A, which is good for your eyes and skin.  The are also high in vitamin C, which helps your body heal.  Vitamin C keeps your teeth and gums healthy.  Some vegetables are full of potassium which gives your energy.

On Tuesday, we learned about the dairy group.  We read the Dairy Group Book by, Megan Borgert-Spaniol.  The children enjoyed watching a short film about the "The Story of Milk."  They also created a dairy page for our booklet.  They added four or five pictures of dairy products such as: yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, cheese ad sour cream. 

The highlight of the week for the children was milking "Sally the Cow."  The children had so much fun taking turns milking her. 


In music class with Ms. Lisa we sang our good morning song and walked fast and slow to the rhythm of the drum.  We turned around every time we heard "Mississippi Stop Stop." We also reviewed the note and rest cards.  


On Thursday we made spaghetti from the grain group and tomato sauce from the vegetable group.  First we added onions, garlic, oregano, parsley, crushed tomatoes, sauce, and cooked rotini. Mmm... was it good!

Mmm...that is so good!

The nature program called Puddlestompers came to our school on Wednesday.  We learned that the life cycle of a ladybug is called metamorphosis.  First it starts as an egg that are hatched in the leaves.  The next stage, the eggs turn into larvae.  Next is the pupa stage and finally they grow into ladybugs.  The children were then given shovels, rakes, and a small container. They went into the wooded area in the back of the school and dug under the leaves and sticks for bugs.  We collected millipedes, centipedes, sow-bugs, and pill-bugs.  

We celebrated Wes' birthday this week. Happy 4th birthday Wes!  Thank you to his family for the delicious Paw Patrol cupcakes. 

Notes from Yuting:
The children sang "Old MacDonald" and then played E-I-E-I-O on the piano. They played on a  group of three black keys.  First, they played the right black key twice, and then the middle one twice.  and finally, they played the left key once.

If you would like to observe a piano session, you are welcome to make an appointment with me.  My schedule is the following:  
Wednesday, 10:00 - 2:00 and Friday 9 - 12:00.
Playing E-I-E-I- O on a set of 3-black keys.

On Friday, we finished our week by making a meal with 4 out of the 5 food groups.  We also learned about the protein group and the foods that are in that group such as: eggs, steak, fish, turkey, and beans. Afterwords, we made scrambled eggs.  The children were so excited when they had the chance to crack the eggs and whisk them together with milk. We enjoyed eating the scrambled eggs, milk, juice, and toast for snack. 

We ended our week by having a birthday and goodbye celebration for Ryan.  He is leaving for China soon and will be back the fall.  We will miss him so much.  


Have a great weekend,
Ms.  Bonne and Ms. Denise

Reminder:  Conferences will be held on Wed, May 23rd.


Dear Parents, We introduced our “Dental Health” unit by reading Peppa Pig's Trip to the Dentist by,  Scholastic In...