Saturday, June 16, 2018


Dear Parents,

We had so much fun this week preparing for our beach party.  We introduced our unit by reading The Rainbow Fish.  We then had a discussion about the different types of fish and sea creatures that live in the ocean such as dolphins, whales, sharks, crabs, lobsters, and turtles.  

We created our ocean scene bulletin board by painting starfish and various other types of fish.  The children  also painted paper towel roll fish. 

 The children were so excited to make their own "Rainbow Fish."  Each child each traced and cut out a Rainbow Fish. Then, they were given one shiny scale and an assortment of scales, glitter, and sequins which they then glued onto the fish shape.  We attached the fish to a net that hung across our classroom. Please take a look at our "Under the Sea" bulletin boards, they look spectacular.  
 The children made aquariums by placing fish stickers on the outside of plastic containers, and then added rocks, shells, glitter, frogs, and blue-colored water inside the containers.  The results were spectacular!  The children had so much fun playing with them and watching the frogs swim around it.  

We celebrated several birthdays this week.  Happy Birthday to Annika, Ishaan, Zebin, and Ava.  Thank you parents for bringing in many yummy treats. 

We concluded our unit by having a beach party.  The children looked so adorable in their beach attire.  One of the activities was decorating beach hats with shells and markers.  The children used their binocular to search for whales hidden around the classroom.  Once the children found a whale they sat on their beach towels and listened to stories about them.  

We ended our week by having a fabulous concert.  We are sure you agree that the children did a great job performing.  Congratulations to Zebin on graduating and moving onto Kindergarten.  We wish him the best of luck in his new school. 

I would have to say that his was the best year yet!  It has been an amazing year watching the children grow both socially and academically right in front of our eyes.  

We would like to thank you for all of your support throughout the year and for all your contributions to the classroom such as: bringing in fruit each week, bringing in special treats throughout the year, and attending our special holiday parties.  As the saying goes, "Great parents have great children."  

Have an enjoyable summer!

Ms. Bonne & Ms. Denise

Friday, June 1, 2018


Dear Parents,

This week we introduced our dinosaur unit.  We read several dinosaur themed books such as:  How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? by, Jane Yolen and Danny the Dinosaur by, Syd Hoff.   We learned that the dinosaurs lived 66 million years ago.

We made our own "dinosaur dinoramas." The children painted a sky, a tree, clouds and rocks and  then added sand and dinosaurs.  What a fantastic job they did!

On Wednesday we made volcanoes in the classroom and in the sandbox on the playground.  First we made volcanoes in the classroom. We used clay to construct the volcano and then added baking soda and vinegar with food coloring in the middle.  The children were screaming with excitement when it erupted.  They had so much fun, that we decided to make three more volcanoes out in the sandbox.  The children made huge mountains out of sand.  We then added vinegar and baking soda and the "lava" flowed right out of the mountain.  


  Dressed for dinosaur day

Ms. Lisa gave the children a chance to play the xylophone with a friend.  They did an excellent job playing the melody to "Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day." Some of the songs the children reviewed were "Michael Finnegan" and "Humpty Dumpty."   
On Thursday we learned more about dinosaurs. We learned that dinosaurs were reptiles so they have scaly skin like crocodiles and lizards.  Some dinosaurs were light and ran quickly on two legs and the heavy dinosaurs walked slowly on four legs.  Some dinosaurs protected themselves by swinging their large tails.  Dinosaurs that ate only meat are called carnivores and dinosaurs that ate only plants are called herbivores.  Omnivores are dinosaurs that eat both.  

We then created our own dinosaur fossils by pressing toy dinosaurs into clay.  We also pretended to be paleontologists and hammered into a block of clay.  We found small and large pieces of a dinosaur skeleton.  When we put them all together a T-Rex dinosaur was created. The child became so excited every time they found a piece of the skeleton.  They could hardly waited for their turn.

On Friday, we baked the most delicious dinosaur cookies. Some of  the different types of dinosaurs we made were: tyrannosaurus rex, pterodactyls, and triceratops.   I am not sure what the children enjoyed more, baking them or eating them.


Ms. Bonne and Ms. Denise


Dear Parents, We had so much fun this week preparing for our beach party.  We introduced our unit by reading The Rainbow Fish .  We then h...