Friday, November 16, 2018


Dear Parents,

This week we continued our unit on Thanksgiving.  We had a great discussion about the meaning of Thanksgiving.  We learned that we celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday in November by having a feast.  We came up with a list of traditional foods that we eat on Thanksgiving such as: turkey, stuffing, rice, squash, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, and pumpkin pie.  The children were surprised when they discovered that Native Americans cooked their meals outside on a fire.  They hunted and fished for their food and bathed in the river.

The entire class painted a tree and bright colored leaves for our fall bulletin board.  Then, we attached pictures of the children in the shape of leaves.  The tree looks spectacular! 

The children created fabulous Native American villages.
They made colorful teepees and added straws on the top (representing branches). They made a river by painting with corn syrup and blue food coloring, and then added a fish. The children designed a campfire by gluing on pebbles and red, yellow, orange, and gold tissue paper onto it (representing fire). They finished their village by adding a Native American made out of clay.

Fun in the snow:

The children had a great time with Ms. Lisa.  Some of the songs they sang were, "Five Little Turkeys," "There is a food we love to eat on every Thanksgiving Day," sung to the tune of Bingo. They sang and acted out "Over the River and Through the Wood, " and Twinkle, Twinkle.

Notes from Ms. Yuting:
The children used a ball to get the correct hand shape for playing the piano.  It is important that their fingers be rounded when playing the piano. Sometimes the children will hold the ball with their thumb and another finger.  This shows how strong their finger
tips are.

The children created turkey placemats which they will use for the Thanksgiving feast.  First they painted the turkey's feathers with their thumbs,  drew feet, and then added a sticker with their face on it.


Please send your child to school with proper winter attire such as: a warm winter coat, snow boots, snow pants, gloves, and a hat.

If you would like to contribute and bring in food or drink to the feast on Wednesday, the sign up sheet is in the hallway.

The Thanksgiving concert will be next Wednesday, November 21st. It will start at promptly at 11:30 AM in the auditorium and the potluck feast will follow.  School will close at 1PM.

Ms. Bonne and Ms. Denise

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Dear Parents,

We finally finished our dog houses.  The children created bones, bowls, and a ball out of clay.  They then painted them with water-colors.  The children were so excited to finally bring them home.

The children put on a wonderful talent show with their pets.  Each child demonstrated how talented their animals were.
~Vashi's bunny named Fire & Rain did a backwards flip.
~Bodie's Beaver named Shirt and can turned over and made a            scary monster face.
~Brady's frog named Mr. Froggy jumped and flipped in the air.
~Darius' dog named Mr. Ruffy and jumped high up in the air.
~Lukas' teddybear named Mr. Bed gives big hugs.
~David's troll named Biggy and never sleeps.
~Karsin's monkey named Tarzan ran and flipped in the air.
~Idris's bunny named Mr. jumped into the sky.
~Oliver's dog named Doggie ran very fast.
~Kayla's unicorn named Uni flew across the room.
~Nora's dog named Rainbow jumped very high.
~Ariel's raccoon is named Esret did a flip.
~Cormac's whale named Humpback Whaley swam across the            room.
~Britta's puppy dog named Playground flew up to the ceiling.
~Ms. Denise's rainbow horse named Sparkles danced around. 
~Ms. Bonne's monkey named George clapped and sang "Five   Little Monkeys."

We introduced our Thanksgiving unit by reading Just A Special Thanksgiving by Mercer Mayer, Thanksgiving With Me by Margaret Willey, Thelonius Turkey Lives! by Lynn Rowe Reed, Happy Thanksgiving Biscuit by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, and This Is the Turkey by Abby Levine.  

On Thursday, we cut and decorated two feathers. The children decorated one of them with sequins and feathers, and  the other one they wrote down what they are thankful for. We attached the feathers to our turkey and displayed them on our bulletin board. Also, we painted leaves and added them as ground cover. 


Ms. Bonne and Ms. Denise

Sunday, November 4, 2018


Dear Half Note Parents,
We completed our Halloween unit this week by making black cats.  The children first glued a head and a tail onto the cat's body.  They cut out triangles for the eyes and nose..  Since the children had so much fun creating cats, we decided to start a unit on pets. 

One of the highlights of the week was when Geddy (parrot) visited our classroom.  He sang, barked, laughed, meowed, said "peek-a-boo",  "come here" and  "Hello Geddy."  We also had a discussion about birds.  We learned that parrots come from the rain forest, where it is hot and humid.  We also talked about what birds eat. They mainly eat fruit, vegetables, seeds, and occasionally nuts.

Did you know, according to bird experts, some parrots have the reasoning skills of a three year old child?  I am not sure if this is true, but it only took Geddy two weeks to learn how to put a ball into a basketball net.  Geddy is twenty-six years old and is expected to live for another sixty five years.   

The children each created their own birds by cutting out the shape of a parrot and then gluing eyes and feathers onto it.  They look adorable hanging from the ceiling in our classroom. 

We celebrated Brady's 4th birthday on Tuesday. Thank you to his parents for providing the delicious treats. 

On Wednesday, we had a fabulous Halloween party which consisted of decorating pumpkin cookies, making Halloween puppets, and ghosts.  We danced to the Monster Mash and ended the celebration with a costume parade. The children looked absolutely adorable in their costumes. I'm sure you will agree. 

 We ended the week by learning all about dogs.  We had a discussion about the different needs of pets versus human beings. Some of the similarities that the children came up with were: Animals and people both need food, water, exercise, and friends.  The differences were: dogs and cats walk on four legs and people walk on two.  People talk and sing, dogs bark, and cats meow.

After our discussion we each created our own dog houses using coffee boxes.   The children started their house by painting the boxes.  Next week they will finish them by adding various types of animal stickers and a roof to the house. 


Please remember that we will be having Parent/Teacher conferences on Wednesday, November 7th (this Wednesday).

Bring in utensils for your child's lunch and afternoon snack.

Please make sure your child has a complete set of clothes in their cubbies.   

Ms. Bonne & Ms. Denise


Dear Parents, This week we continued our unit on Thanksgiving.  We had a great discussion about the meaning of Thanksgiving.  We learne...