Saturday, November 18, 2017


Dear Parents,

We started our Thanksgiving unit this week by reading Celebrating Thanksgiving by Joel Kuperstein and The First Thanksgiving by Garnet Jackson.  We had a class discussion about what we are thankful for.  Here is what the children said:

"I Am Thankful For"
Ishaan- Mommy and Daddy
Eleanor- Mei Mei
Anthony- Daniel
Leticia- Mommy, Daddy, and my brother
Wes- My Mommy
Maddie- Lamby
Ryan- My Mommy and my home
Ava- Mommy and Daddy
Adam- My Mommy
Annika- Presents
Aarav- For the stores
Nastia- My Mommy
Dadeola- My dog and baby sister

After talking to the children about what they were thankful for, they decorated feathers and then, wrote what they were thankful for on them.

This week the children have been preparing for the Thanksgiving concert. They have been working with Ms. Grace and Ms. Peishuan on their Thanksgiving songs, Mandarin songs, and violin songs.

The highlight of the week was a visit from Lucky Bob the magician.  He put on a phenomenal show.  The children were giggling through out the 45 minute performance, and that is quite an accomplishment for a group of 3-5 year old children!  I am not sure who laughed more, the teachers or the children.


The children finished making their teepees and Native Americans.  They added colorful straws and shapes to the teepees. They rolled  balls of clay, stacked them together, and added arms, cloves for eyes, and feathers.   


We ended the week by making delicious pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting for the Thanksgiving feast. However, we might have eaten a few already.  The children had so much fun measuring the ingredients and mixing everything together.  Mmm... were they good!

Ms. Bonne and Ms. Denise

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Dear Parents,

We introduced our Thanksgiving unit by reading This is the Turkey, by Abby Levine and Hide and Seek, by Teresa Marfin.   We had a discussion about the meaning of Thanksgiving.  We learned that we celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday in November by having a feast. We came up with a list of traditional foods we eat on Thanksgiving such as:  turkey, sweet potatoes, corn, and pumpkin pie.  The children were surprised when they discovered that Native Americans did not have stoves but cooked their food outside on a fire.  They hunted and fished for their food and bathed and washed in the river.

The children started making a village by painting teepees with tea and watercoloring a river and adding fish stickers to it.  They made a campfire by gluing stones in a circle and adding tissue paper in the center for the "fire."  Next week we will make Native Americans to add to our village.

Since the children will be dressed as pilgrims for our Thanksgiving feast the girls made bonnets and the boys made top hats.  

The children also created placemats by weaving colored strips of paper and then added leaves and a turkey with their picture on it.

On Thursday we had a special guest from "My Gym."  They balanced colorful discs on their heads, shoulders, elbow, and then their toes.  They also jumped on a springboard. The children really seemed to enjoy the program.

We ended the week by making our own ice cream.  Each child participated in the process.  I am not sure which they enjoyed more eating it or making it.


Ms. Bonne and Ms. Denise


Dear Parents, We started our Thanksgiving unit this week by reading Celebrating Thanksgiving by Joel Kuperstein and The First Thanks...